L’ Iris de Fath, la renaissance d’un mythe

L’ Iris de Fath, the rebirth of a myth. Jacques Fath’s Iris Gris is known as one of the greatest perfumes if not the greatest, unequalled since its creation. The balanced duo of Iris and Peach reflects perfumer Vincent Roubert’s exceptional know-how. The concentration of Iris of an unreached level made of Jacques Fath’s Iris Gris the most expensive perfume in the world. Launched in 1947, it disappeared the same year as Fath in 1954. Often copied and certainly never equaled, it remains unique and timeless.

It was unthinkable that this heritage, remained prisoner of the limbo of the past. Under the supervision of Creative Director Rania Naim, Parfums Jacques Fath launched an international competition of perfumers, in order to reproduce as faithfully as possible this exceptional fragrance. The myth is reborn, thanks two young talents unanimously chosen by a committee of experts: Patrice Revillard, Perfumer and Yohan Cervi, Creative Director of Maelström. Like a chrysalis turning into a butterfly, it is now known as :L’ IRIS de FATH.

After all, no matter the name, no matter the color, as long as emotions remain intact.

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L’Iris de Fath by Patrice Revillard and Yohan Cervi

All this was achieved by smelling the different Iris Gris vintage perfumes that were at our disposal, including the beautiful re-composition of the Osmothèque, made by Master Perfumer Jean Kerléo. And by using our knowledge, our noses, without direct access to the formula, only for one purpose: to be able to smell again this masterpiece, proportioned in noble ingredients at a breathtaking level.

The main components used in the original version were preserved as they shape the complexity and fullness of L’Iris de Fath. At the same time, we had to take different paths from those undertaken by Vincent Roubert to achieve the same effects and to provoke the same emotions.

L’Iris de Fath, composition

A masterful Floral Woody composition

The fragrance opens on a luminous accord composed of Neroli and Petit-grain, followed by a fluffy Peach note, sparkling and gourmand. The overdosed complex and rich Iris shaped in all its facets, blends admirably with the Peach, creating a heart filled with powerful and joyful emotions. A bouquet of Jasmine, Rose and Violet enhances delicately these sensations, while the Carnation brings its spicy touch adding structure to the perfume. Vetiver Bourbon, Sandalwood and Oak Moss Absolute entrench the scent on the skin through darker and more mysterious facets.

Top notes: Neroli, Petit-grain, Bergamot, Peach

Heart notes: Iris Absolute, Iris Butter, Jasmine from Grasse Absolute, Turkish Rose Absolute, Violet Flower, Violet Leaf, Carnation Absolute

Base notes: Oak Moss Absolute, Sandalwood, Bourbon Vetiver, Musks.
Bourbon, Muscs.



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L’ Iris de Fath is presented in a luxurious Coffret covered with grey leather.

The faceted crystal-like bottle has a glass cap with a rod to dose and reproduce the elegance of the gesture.

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