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Composed of four fragrances, the third chapter of the collection is written by Cécile Zarokian and Luca Maffei. Each perfumer created two fragrances, inspired by the history of Jacques Fath and his fashion.

A variation of warm colors – green, amber, yellow and red – reveals four enveloping scents, rich in sensual and textured ingredients.

Velours Boisé, A velvet sensation using warm and milky Sandalwood and a Whisky accord for a cozy feeling… like a soft embrace.

Tempête d’Automne, Cold spices and Leather notes for a fragrance with vivacious and tempestuous personality, softened by more Floral and Creamy notes.

Red Shoes, A touch of Ginger, a flaming Rose: a fragrance matching with iconic eponymous Fath’s evening dress. Elegant and opulent.

Le Loden, An interpretation of both warm and prickly Loden, composed with a vibrant fresh Ginger sublimating the intensity of Vetiver.


You will receive the four perfumes in 2ml spray bottles samples. Samples are free.

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Stock: Available