Iris Gris Collection

The rebirth of a myth

The Iris Gris Collection is the rebirth of the mythical Iris Gris, known as one of the greatest perfumes, if not the greatest, unequalled since its creation. 

Launched in 1947, it disappeared the same year as Fath in 1954. Often copied and certainly never equaled, it remains unique and timeless.

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L'IRIS DE FATH - L'extrait de Parfum

A faithful recreation of the exceptional Iris Gris, preserving the original key elements to evoke the same effects and emotions as the timeless masterpiece. 


A limited offer, allowing passionate noses to purchase a 4ml vial of the mythical Iris de Fath.

L'IRIS DE FATH - L'eau de Parfum

A new formula with an historical vision,  the Eau de Parfum version of Iris de Fath is more iridescent and woodier than the Extrait de Parfum version.