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Once your order has been prepared and shipped, we will promptly send you an email containing a tracking number, enabling you to easily monitor the progress of your order by visiting the shipper’s website:

  • If your order is shipped by DHL, you may track it on dhl.com by entering your tracking number to stay updated on the status of your shipment.
  • If your order is NOT shipped by DHL, you may track your shipment by visiting the following website depending on the country of delivery: 


If your country is not listed, you may send us an email by filling out a contact form here.

You can acquire our samples by purchasing our Discovery Set which includes a variety of our Fath’s Essentials fragrances in 2ml formats. We do not offer individual samples.

Jacques Fath ships to more than 90 countries worldwide. At Jacques Fath, we strive to offer delivery to our dear customers and to reduce delivery times. You will be able to find all delivery options at checkout once you have specified a delivery address.

Usually dispatched within 48 hours.

If you wish to have more delivery information, add all of the desired products to your cart and continue the checkout and click ‘calculate shipping’.

All of our samples are filled with 2ml of fragrance, although the container has a capacity exceeding 2ml, which is why it may appear that your sample is not full. Rest assured that all samples are meticulously measured and will never include less than 2ml of fragrance.

Please note that the pictures displayed on our site are purely for illustrative purposes.

We take pride in upholding a strict policy against the testing of our perfumes on animals. As part of our unwavering dedication to ethical principles and the welfare of living creatures, we have implemented comprehensive measures to ensure that no animals are subjected to any form of testing during the development and production processes of our perfumes. As a result, our products are considered vegan.

If your order has been shipped and you have received the confirmation email with the tracking number of your parcel, you may contact the transporter to have more information about the delivery time of your shipment.

We kindly inform you that once your order has been dispatched, the delivery time is in the hands of the transporter.

Please note that the delivery time may depend on your address.

These terms refer to the concentration of essential oils in a scent. Parfums or perfumes are the strongest strength with approximately 20-30% of essential oils. Eau de Parfum (EDP) represents midrange strength consisting of 10-15%, and Eau de Toilette (EDT) is the lightest strength containing the least amount of essential oils with a range of 3-8%. 

The most significant influence on scent longevity is ensuring that skin is properly moisturized prior to applying the scent. Layering products such as body lotions or oils with the same scent will also increase the longevity and intensity of a scent.

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